Trina Gray Builds Leaders in Fitness

Hello Friends, it’s Trina Gray, owner of Bay Athletic Club, creator of the Corporate Fit Challenge, and a business coach who helps fitness professionals become leaders in their own fitness businesses.

I’m a mom of two, I’m married to a shipwreck archeologist, and I’m a change agent in my community. But don’t hear me wrong. I’m not Wonder Woman! I just have figured out what I do best.

I live in a town of 15,000 people, on a lake in Northeast Michigan. The average household income here is just $29,000. And we have it all: double digit unemployment, diabetes, smoking and obesity rates.

But I have beaten the odds by assembling a world-class team and building a world-class health club that brings sunshine to my community.

How do we do this? We’ve figured out that it’s better to celebrate people more than pounds.

I’m really happy in my career. I spend my summers at a cottage on the lake, I enjoy date night once a week with my husband, and I walk my own two kids to school every morning.

But as a fitness entrepreneur, it has not always been this way. A few years ago it hit me: I was burnt out. I was gaining weight, I was losing sleep, my eating habits were terrible, my relationships were suffering. I was losing sight of why I got in the business.

But remember, I opened my own business so I could be in charge of my own life, not so my life would be running me!

But one morning at 6 A.M., after just 3 hours of sleep, I was leading a boot camp workout, and I brought no energy, no humor, no excitement—nothing that people were used to from me.

I needed to make a change. It was simple, really. I just sought the guidance of those in the industry who were doing better than I was--who were leading from the top.

I asked their advice, I sought their mentorship, and I put it into action.

Guess what? It has worked for me. Today, my health club is thriving, I’ve opened a second location, my team is growing, and our impact in the community is profound.

I’ve created a corporate wellness program that I sell around the world that makes corporate fitness fun and not so bland.

I own an at home, online fitness business that helps fitness professionals at any level, all over the country, open a business with far less risk and less investment.

If any of these sound good to you---if they’re resonating with you right now--it’s time that you and I connect.

All I need you to do is leave me your name and email, better yet your cellphone. And I will personally connect with you one on one.

What are you waiting for? It took me making one phone call to one leader in the fitness business for me to change my business, and I’m ready to help coach you to better change as well.

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