We aren’t trying to change you, we’re trying to love you.

At a small breakfast diner with my kids, I enjoyed a veggie omelette and a game of "20 Questions." Just as we were leaving, two couples sat at the table next to us. They laughed and swapped stories of their New Year's Eve party the night before. As they thumbed through the menus, one of the wives suggested that, after the night they had, they should choose something healthy. Here is how that went:

-Husband: Oh, she's always trying to change me. I must not be good enough the way I am. She's nagging me to be healthier.
-Husband's friend: Yeah, well, I guess you can try to be "moderately healthy," right? I mean, not go crazy about it, maybe cut out some fries.
-Wife: It's too late for "moderately healthy" for us, we're too far gone.

These same conversations take place at tables everywhere. Here is the real message -- if your loved one makes a suggestion - more vegetables, less alcohol, more exercise, less computer time, more sleep, less television -- I can promise you, they aren't trying to change you. They are trying to love you.

The question is, are you ready to love yourself enough to change? To change your habits and your health? And I don't mean "moderately healthy" (that leaves a whole lot of room for excuses). I mean healthy. Just plain healthy. Why not? Carrying around pounds of excess fat, taking multiple medications, being out of breath, out of shape, out of energy is just...OUT! Do you have to run a marathon? No. You have to run your own health before it runs you.

So, it's a new year. A new opportunity to live fit and free. Someone in your life needs this message. Will you share it?

My tips for living a fit life are simple.
Try a new workout. Then try another. Find activities that invigorate you. Get new music. Bust a move. Team up with a friend. Go to a class. Meet other fit people. Subscribe to fitness blogs or magazines. Swap healthy recipes. Schedule your workouts in your planner. Don't cancel. Set a new health goal every month. Reward yourself with something other than dessert. Surround yourself with positive messages. Turn off the television. Put down your smartphone. Make a grocery shopping list. Pack your lunch. Show your child that fitness is important. Don't make excuses. Make action. Decide to be the most fit you've been, no matter what your age. Journal. Breath deeper. Love yourself. Care about your health. Believe in your power to change. Stop waiting for life to slow down (it won't).

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