Meet Trina

The most meaningful quote in my life:

"The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life, is their will to do it and the faith to believe." - 212, the extra degree

Trina's Family

Hello! I am Trina Gray, a passionate entrepreneur who believes that people who are healthier are happier. I own a few businesses and love being involved in the community. I’m also an active mother of two curious kids and wife of a fun-loving shipwreck archaeologist. I live in Alpena, Michigan. Where? It’s a small town (that packs a mighty punch) in northeast Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron. There is no Starbucks or Target for HOURS! But, we do have something that most communities do not! We have an amazing, community-oriented health club that changes lives! It’s called Bay Athletic Club. Yes, I own it, so I’m biased, but truly it’s remarkable.

I tell people that my business has the heart and soul of an underdog who loves to win. I live in a town of 15,000 that is in one of the poorest counties in the state, in one of the unhealthiest states in the nation. We have double digit unemployment, diabetes, smoking rates and more. But guess what? We’re changing that! My health club an

d my amazing team have changed thousands of lives through our Corporate Fit Challenge, 10 Day Fat Blasting Boot Camps, Thinner Winner Contests and 50+ Group Exercise Classes per week.

A few years ago, I added another dimension to my business. It’s changed my life. It’s changed my children’s future.  It’s changed my community. I want to share it with you, in case you’re ready for a life-changing event.

Trina, Chalene, Jenelle

Chalene, Trina, Jenelle

At my friend Jenelle Summers suggestion, I invited my team of trainers and instructors at my club to join Team Beachbody with me. From there, we’ve grown a local team of 50+ coaches and have spread across the country to a huge, powerful team of hundreds of coaches.

So, who is on my team?

  1. Coaches on my team are fitness trainers and instructors who want to earn an extra income, help their clients, and spend less time in the daily grind of training and teaching.
  2. Coaches on my team are fitness enthusiasts who have enjoyed weight loss and increased energy from fitness and have decided to share this passion with others.
  3. Coaches on my team are friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and even friends I’ve met on Facebook who simply want to live healthier and are driven enough to make a business out of it.
  4. Coaches on my team are people who are just starting their fitness journey and want the support of a team to reach their own goals.
  5. Coaches on my team are people who enjoy Beachbody products and want to get them at a discount.
  6. Coaches on my team are go-getters, doers, and cool people love health and fitness more than they love selling.
  7. Coaches on my team are NOT salespeople, slick, body builders or fitness models. We are everyday people who think that fitness makes life better; we’re willing to invite others to experience it.

Do any of those things sound like YOU?

My journey:

Turbo Trina Team Beachbody Coach

Trina Before

No, I haven’t always been healthy! I went through a phase in college at the University of Wisconsin where dorm food, late night pizza, burritos as big as your head and keg parties were a part of daily life. I gained 22 lbs. in my first semester at college. Yeah, beat that! I blew the “Freshman 15” out of the water. I had been an athlete in high school and always lean. So, this new body took so

me adjusting to. Unfortunately, I adjusted (and bought bigger clothes) rather than change!

By my senior year, I was ready. My sister Kari was getting married and I was her maid of honor. I could NOT stand the idea of overweight pictures haunting me forever. Plus, I lacked energy! Who wants to be a lethargic 20-year-old? Not me.

Trina After

Trina After

I joined a health club off-campus with my mom. I was too intimidated to go to the huge student recreation center on campus. I took group exercises classes with my mom and started to clean up my diet, thanks to my roommate Amy, who was in school to become a dietician. That came in handy! She taught me portion control, planning out meals and just saying “no” to some foods! At the health club, I went from being a student in the back of class, to the front of class to becoming a certified instructor and tr

ainer, thanks to my mentor Jill. My life was taking a new direction.

Soon, I had taken off all the extra weight, had a wonderful new hobby and was feeling great.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was married and moving to a new town, 8 hours from the home I knew. I left a high-level marketing job for the State Bar of Wisconsin and was starting fresh. I decided if I was going to reinvent myself, I should do something I really love. Turns out, fitness was something I really enjoyed! Through my two pregnancies, I stayed active, and even taught TurboKick (my all-time favorite workout) pretty much up until the delivery room. I recovered quickly each time and easily took the baby weight off. I was introduced to TurboKick and to the idea of owning a fitness business from my friends Jenelle Summers and her sister Chalene Johnson. These are two angels in my life who have been huge supporters, fans and people I’ve learned a tremendous amount from.

turbotrina Team Beachbody Coach

My local Beachbody Team

Fast forward a couple of years. Today, I own a full-service health club and a downtown personal training studio. I also lead an amazing team of Team Beachbody Independent Coaches. I love all of my business and I make them all gel. My kids see their mom happy because I do what I love. My business success has added many perks to their lives. My schedule is flexible, I can take them on fun vacations, and we were able to buy a beautiful cottage on the lake this summer.

My own fitness journey has smoothed out since college. I’ve gained 5 to 10 lbs. here and there over the years, even owning a health club. The early days of owning a club was stressful and I found myself mindlessly snacking. When I got my schedule a bit more under control, I was also introduced to the best meal of my day. Shakeology helped me take 10 lbs. off and keep it off and it gives me the energy I need (in vitamins and minerals, not caffeine) to live the life I love to the fullest.

It’s funny when I think about owning both a health club and a Beachbody business. They are both very rewarding, but one is a whole lot LESS work! Beachbody is easy, manageable and inexpensive to operate. The health club is tons of hours, expensive and at times very draining. But you know what? I can’t imagine my life any other way! They are a part of my existence! I am filled up.

Lessons I’ve learned:

  • Running a fitness business pays off more than watching tv or wasting away time on the computer or phone.
  • Fitness is an amazing career. Helping other people live healthy is a great way to spend my time.
  • I’m setting a great example for my kids by owning a fitness business.
  • Surrounding myself with other, positive motivated people is smart.
  • Financial freedom is hard to beat. It leads to time freedom, less stress and more quality time with my family.
  • You can’t convince people to do what they don’t want to do. You can only present an opportunity and hope that the people who are looking for you will find you!
  • Living life outside your comfort zone is more fun.