Fitness Clothes Tips

Wearing fitness clothes that make you feel good make you feel even better when you're working out!  In fact, I believe you get a better workout when you feel confident, put together and excited about your workout attire.

Here are three things to consider when getting dressed for a workout:

1.     Think Comfort.  You don't want to spend time pulling your shirt down, holding your pants up or only giving 50% in class because your attire isn't meshing with the moves. Think about what you might be doing during the workout when you pick your outfit.

2.     Protect Yourself.  You may have a favorite workout tee, or a favorite pair of pants, but pay attention to the fabric.  Cotton absorbs sweat and clings to your skin, blocking your pores.  Invest in clothing that wicks the sweat away from your skin.  This will also help you avoid overheating.

3.     Plan Ahead.  Every night I pick out what I'm going to wear for my next day workout.  I'm excited to wear it, making me even more excited to workout!  Feeling good gives me more confidence in class, and the motivation to push 150%.

Not sure where to look for workout gear? Hear are some of my favorite:

1.  The BAC Logowear Rack--Featuring Under Armour, Bella, Zumbawear and more. There's always something new coming to the shelves and it's no hassle, no shipping!




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