10-Day Fat Blast Boot Camp Success


Recently, my Bay Athletic Club finished a 10-Day Fat Blasting Boot Camp.

As a group, they lost 129.1 lbs! That's incredible. We had at least a dozen people lose more than 7 lbs and every single person lost weight, inches and stomach fat.

Here are some of the success tips and stories I shared with the participants:

I want you to PUSH yourself to try new things and to KEEP the weight off.

Let me keep this simple. Can you stick to TWO things?

1. Strive to get in 30 minutes of exercise (including strength training) on as MANY days of the week as you can. Some days, you just can't make it happen, or need a break. But if you have to plan for it daily, you'll likely get in 4 or 5 days. That is still ahead of the game.

I realized that I needed to start planning my own workouts! Sounds funny coming from a health club owner, right? But it's true! If I am traveling, or miss a class that I normally teach, I make up for it with an extra workout on my own. I am committed to 4 or 5 workouts per week, every single week. It might only be a 20 minute strength training routine (nothing fancy!), or quick session on an elliptical, but I get it in. I know that intensity of the workout matters more to me than the length of it.

2. You don't have to eat perfectly (healthy and clean) 100 percent of the time, but you need to eat 100 percent perfect 80 percent of the time. That is the advice that my famous fitness mentor Chalene Johnson gave me to take weight off and keep it off…and it has worked.

I honestly plan that 8 out of every 10 meals and snacks will be "perfect." This allows me to splurge on a "mexican night" during the week, a flavored latte for an afternoon snack, a more indulgent Sunday brunch or pizza with my kids. I never go completely overboard, it's just out of character now, but I let myself enjoy larger portions, or higher calorie meals about 20 percent of the time. The rest of the time, I eat clean (salads, shakeology, P90X bars, fresh fruit, veggies, tuna wrap, grilled salmon, etc) for all of my other meals and snacks. Once I got in this habit, it's been easy to maintain. I've been able to take off about 12 lbs. and keep it off. Even with a job in fitness, I have to work on it! It's ok – I'm human.

We are on a journey, right? I, like you, want to say no to junk food, keep my fitness fresh and even sleep more.  But the thing that we ALL have going for ourselves is that we WANT to be on this journey — we care about our health and fitness and are NOT going to get complacent.

RECAP: Fat Blasting Boot Camp teaches us that regular (intense) exercise and clean eating are LIFE CHANGING!

1. 4-5 WORKOUTS EVERY WEEK – focus on effort/intensity.

I hope to see you in our next camp, kicking off on Monday, Nov 28th!

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