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We aren’t trying to change you, we’re trying to love you.

At a small breakfast diner with my kids, I enjoyed a veggie omelette and a game of “20 Questions.” Just as we were leaving, two couples sat at the table next to us. They laughed and swapped stories of their New Year’s Eve party the night before. As they thumbed through the menus, one of…

Trina Gray Builds Leaders in Fitness

Hello Friends, it’s Trina Gray, owner of Bay Athletic Club, creator of the Corporate Fit Challenge, and a business coach who helps fitness professionals become leaders in their own fitness businesses. I’m a mom of two, I’m married to a shipwreck archeologist, and I’m a change agent in my community. But don’t hear me wrong….

Lucid Food

A Beachbody® Cookbook Review: Lucid Food By Denis Faye When you’re trying to eat right, it seems like no matter what positive action you take, there’s something you miss. You eat organic, but then you forget to eat local. You load up on fruits and veggies, but you end up with a bunch of wasteful,…