She speaks the truth. My mentor, Chalene Johnson

My friend and mentor, Chalene Johnson, didn't just create top-selling informercials when she created TurboJam and TurboFire, she created a movement, a crusade! The leaders at Beachbody knew that this  fiery chic packed a mean punch in her cute slim-fit capri pants. They also saw that her motivation, her amazing music, her authenticity and her pumped up moves have literally moved hundreds of thousands of people off the couch and into life.

But what we've all come to realize is that she's more that a fitness rock star -- she's a savvy business woman, devoted wife, loyal friend and hands-on mother of two kids. She makes us all better in those areas with her no-nonsense advice. Here is my list (off the top of my head!) of what I've learned from Chalene. Read carefully, each of these could change your life.

  • Know your priorties.
  • Write them down.
  • Create a daily list.
  • Say "no." 
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • Love your family.
  • Stop dieting.
  • Pick your friends wisely.
  • Protect your energy.
  • Give more to your workouts.
  • Make peace with people.
  • Listen more.
  • Talk less.
  • Be real.
  • Get therapy.

As a business owner, I learned one other key piece of advice from Chalene that has truly made me hundreds of thousands of dollars and taken me farther than I could have imagined in my community and my career.
What is it? "Fitness is a party and you have to invite people to it."

It means so much more than those simple words. To me, it means that fitness should be a benefit in our life, not a burden. It means that moving to music just feels good. It means that everyone loves to party -- our job is to create the opportunity for them to do it. It means that people are scared and skeptical and need to be invited to fitness with a smile. It means that fitness isn't exclusive.  It means that every day is a great day for a party.

I have created an award-winning health club, a thriving coaching business and lead a world-class team. I carry Chalene's advice in my head and heart daily.
Cheers to amazing mentors and living a fit life!



24 Responses to She speaks the truth. My mentor, Chalene Johnson
  1. Awesome post. Cheers to amazing mentors and thank you for being one of mIne!

    I am so grateful for all the lessons you share, the advice you give, and the time you take to help others become successful in their business.

    Cheers to you!


    • Trina Gray

      Hey Girl! I am giving the first three people who replied to my blog a FREE GIFT! Can you email me your address?
      So great to hear from you, friend!

  2. What a great concept about fitness being a party!!! Love it!! Most people associate it with the WORK in the word “workout” and not fun and such an essential part of our well-being.

    Big fan of Chalene’s work, and really enjoyed your post. In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head here. Thanks, enjoyed the post~

    • Trina Gray

      Hey girl! Thanks for replying! I love you answer! I’m giving my first three responders a FREE GIFT! Can you email me your mailing address?

  3. “Fitness is a party and you have to invite people to it.”–I love that quote. I shared it after your call on Thursday night to one of my coaches who couldn’t make it. It is so true. Most people know what they need to do to be healthy, but for what ever reason…it doesn’t happen.

    Keep up the good fight!

    Livin’ the dream,


    • Trina Gray

      Heck yeah, Adam! I love your answer and I’m giving the first three people who responded a FREE GIFT! Can you send me your mailing address?

  4. Sara Zimmerman

    It’s hard to pick just one as my favorite. I think once a person figures out their priorities it makes it “easier” to work through an action list. My list is still a work in progress. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bobbi schmitt

    Great post! I love Chalene and you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite people!! So glad we crossed paths:)))

  6. Sabrina Davis

    I love the list of things that could change your life! Very encouraging. Thanks for your support and motivation. I appreciate it!

  7. BeachBody Coach

    Thanks Trina for sharing.. There are several tips that I could use to transform my life and beachbody business!

  8. Theresa

    Wow, I am looking at my entire life in a new perspective after reading this. I love fitness and working out, but also sometimes feel like it is a burden. Like there is other “stuff” I need to or would rather be doing! I need to be thankful for the ability to do it and make it a party!!!! Thank you for this post. It motivated me to get out a change someones life and someones thinking!

  9. “Stay true to yourself” , “Be Real,” and “Get Therapy.” Great advice. 🙂

  10. Cyndi Lewis

    I love your list which includes everything from the things we all have to do – to those things which we should all do. I need to remember that I am a changing being and that once something is accomplished (i.e., like that perfect weight) – I cannot just sit back and check that off the list. I need to continuously strive to take the next step, whether that is to inspire others or take myself further than I thought I could. Thanks again for your inspiration when you visited Mt. Pleasant.

  11. Melissa Farrier

    I love “Fitness is a party and you have to invite people to it.” It easier to exercise when the class is upbeat!

  12. I love the idea about inviting people to fitness! Over 45 lbs ago I needed someone to invite me to fitness and although they have since changed their habits and gotten back into old ones, I am very grateful for that intial invitation because it has changed my life!

  13. Carissa Polack

    I’m so glad you invited me to the fitness party, it has changed my life!

  14. If Chalene is announcing something big I definitely don’t want to miss out! I am even more excited about Friday now!

    Ashlyn Owings

  15. Catrina Schnurstein

    What amazing tips! L

  16. Catrina Schnurstein

    All of these are great tips. Especially creating a to do list. Tha
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thanks for sharing, Trina….you are an incredible leader/role model and just sharing your thoughts about your mentor is inspiring!!

    One thing that especially resonates with me right now is to stay true to yourself. I”m discovering how powerful it is to listen to that inner voice and pursue your passions – how fulfilling it can be to live authentically – and how it’s truly what we were all meant to do.

    I’m intrigued to learn what kind of announcement is coming regarding meeting your life goals?!?

    Thank you for all that you do to inspire others!!

  18. Sherri Phillips

    I just love the fitness is a party quote! You are such an encouraging and inspiring person.. excited to do my part to keep the party going with everyone I can 🙂

  19. Josh Billman

    Outstanding Post Trina! Love reading your posts as well as Chalene’s. You are such an inspiration! Thank You!!

  20. Tracie Werblow

    Love it Trina! You have been a great mentor for us and our Team at BAC and I am happy that you continue to learn and share with us! As the group ex director at BAC I have really been trying to help all of our instructors live by, “Fitness is a party and you must invite others to it!” Absolutely LOVE it and so do others in class when they attend! Who wants working out to be boring?! Nobody! Keep rocking it Trina!

  21. Carie Paull

    How inspiring! I am basically just getting started on my fitness journey. I love seeing and hearing all the positives from everyone at BAC, those that have inspired you all, and other members! I have just started some classes and the first one was Turbo Kick Express. LOVED IT! It really challenged me and worked my mind and body. I can appreciate and relate to so many of the tips given above and am really trying to turn my life around. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us!

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